Gig Guide Monday 19th March 2018

Monday 19th March:
Interactions – mini festival of improvised and spontaneaous music making.
The three day event kicks off with a double bill concert on Monday 19th March (7.30pm) firstly with a set by the duo of Trevor Watts (sax) and Stephen Grew (piano) and then with music from Merseyside Improviser’s Orchestra with special guest Steve Beresford. Beresford, a progenitor of the free improvisation movement, will also introduce the series with a brief pre-concert talk at 6.45pm, placing musical free improvisation into its historical context.

Tuesday 20th March
The Necks, who make a rare return visit to Liverpool. Forming in Sydney, Australia in 1986, over the last 30 years The Necks have built an international reputation as masters of their own musical language of long-form improvisation. Each night they step onto the stage with no preconceived ideas of what they will play – they and the audience will go on a sonic journey that is created in the moment and in that room. Every Necks performance is a singular event, entirely improvised and working with the acoustics of the room.

The Yellow Belly Stragglers, Matt Barton & Dave Owen.
The Caledonia.

Wednesday 21st March
 2-4.30pm at Liverpool Hope University’s Creative Campus, the improvisation collective Centrifuge is delivering a free admission Workshop in Free Improvised Music. This session, which will be a mix of live performance (free music improvisation) followed by structured discussion, is open to anyone interested in furthering their experience and understanding of improvised music and you can pre-register for it at: or go to

at 7.30pm – double bill concert by the large improvisation group Centrifuge and then a blistering romp through the anarchic jazz-rock sound world of Leeds-based musicians Shatner’s Bassoon.

Thursday 22nd march:
Free R&R – Crikey Its The Cromptons, The Floormen, Dux Louie

Friday 23rd March.
Only Child (local folk group), Two Black Sheep, John Jenkins & The james Street Band.
Fundraiser for The Whitechapel Centre

Jobe, Mia Mendi.
North Shore Troubadour.

Yes (50h Anniversary. Playing sides 1 & 4 of Tales From Topographic Oceans)
Liverpool Philharmonic hall

Poisoned Electrick Head, Maguire’s Pizza Bar

Saturday 24th March

The Turbans (Blkan, Klezmer, Gypsy – New self-titled album out  April 6th on Six Degrees records. Feature musicians from Bulgaria, Iran, Greece Spain and England).
Invisible Wind Factory.

Arts Club.

Coming up:
29th March – Deaf School. Arts Club.

14th April – Andy Irvine (Sweeney’s Men, Planxty). Philharmonic Hall Music Room.

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